Over the past several years I have dedicated the subject of some of my Artwork to a more "visionary" style. My personal definition of "visionary" in regards to Art is when the images are created after making a conscious effort to reflect into the subconscious. By meditating or going on mental (and sometimes physical) "journeys" I am able to travel to "alternate" worlds and levels of reality and interact with the environments. Often, these "trips" are so vivid and real it's as if I really were there. Just as real as when I went to the supermarket last night. By experiencing these trips I am able to bring back much of the memories from my encounters and apply them to my Art. These memories coupled with my intense imagination birth what I call my own "Lacquicious, Visionary Art."

If you would like to commission me to paint one of these incredible works for your home please contact me.




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