-QRSTUVR.com was originally online as a way for me to show off my Artwork. That was in 1998. Since then, the site has transformed into much more. Since it is a site that represents me and my Art, it has to change with me. Now it is a great way for me to offer my Art as a service. I illustrate, do website design, paint oil paintings, create animations, do custom work, and more. So now this website is an online Art Gallery, Portfolio, and shop dedicated to Surreal, Mystic, Visionary, and Fantastic Artwork and merchandise created by me, Artmuffin, aka, qrstuvr.. photo


-Established online as a store on July 17th, 2001 by me, Artmuffin, aka, qrstuvr.. (shown at right)

-QRSTUVR.com / ARTmuffin.com is maintained by yours truly. I have a strong Artistic background and a strong belief in the use of the internet as a means of commerce and exposure to the great things in our world.

-I am currently located in Massachusetts. See below for contact info.

-T.shirt Designs are all professionally screen printed on the highest quality 100% cotton heavyweight t-shirts. I DO NOT sell heat transfers or iron-on designs. I also recommend following the washing instructions on the tag of the T.shirt and using LOW HEAT to dry them.

-Stickers are professionally printed using the Flexo method. This method allows for maintaining a high resolution/level of detail for my particular style of art/graphics. These stickers are all coated with a one mil. overlaminate. You can stick these stickers both indoors and out. STICKERS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. SORRY.

-Prints are high resolution digital photographs or scans taken of the original artwork. These images are then printed on Kodak® 58 lb. high gloss premium photo paper (unless otherwise noted in a prints description). They are not Giclee prints or archival prints. Although I am looking into that.

-All of the Original Art available on this site is created by Artist qrstuvr and/or Artmuffin.

-QRSTUVR was started as a way to gain more exposure for my unique style of Art and to provide the public with Original Art to wear, 'stick on things' , or hang on their walls. I believe strongly in my Art. I have dedicated my life to it's progression and transformation and hope that others will do the same with the things they love.

- I would like to thank my family and wonderful friends for their incredible support and belief in my dreams. This site and it's contents would not be possible without all of you. There is no way I can repay you other than continuing to create as much art as I enjoy. I will do that. The universe will support me in this.

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Contact Info:

I can be reached via snail mail at the following:
P.O. Box 582
Hadley, MA 01035

If you have other comments/questions please contact me using the form found by clicking here.




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