After more than 8 years of doing contests I've decided to stop. I've given away a lot of free t-shirts and free prints and I hope any of you that won have enjoyed your freebie.

Life is getting too busy for me to keep up with this contest every month, especially since I'm running the entire site (and my other site, weirdillustration.com) by myself, in addition to a full time job, freelance work, and squeezing in time to create art for myself.

I'm leaving the questionnaire on the page so you can give me info if you like. I've learned about some great movies and websites from the submissions that some of you have sent. Thanks for that. It's also given me a good idea of who my overall fanbase is..what age, etc....So if you want to share a cool movie, band, video game, etc., please do.

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Thanks for all the great entries and feedback. Maybe someday I'll do contests again. Someday when I can pay someone else to put them together for me, heh....



Just fill in the short questionnaire and send it...and you're done!
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If you have your own website, what's the address? I'd love to check it out!
If not, what's your favorite website? (other than this one!)
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This is not a contest. You are not entering to win anything. This is purely for information and art/resource sharing.



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