Questions that get asked, or stuff I think you may want to know.

What is "qrstuvr"? What does it mean? How do you pronounce it?

Ummmm, that one's a secret. Ask something else.


- Do you worship Satan?

No, but I did meet him in an alley in Pittsburgh once.


- Can you design a T.shirt for my band?

Yes. If you have a band and are interested in my "style" of art as a representation of your band, contact me. I also design CD cover and liner art as well. Check out some CD art samples here.


- How do I wash this T.shirt that I just bought from your website?

Turn it inside out and wash in cold water (you might wanna add some soap too). DRY ON LOW OR MEDIUM HEAT inside out.


- Will you ship outside the U.S.? How much does it cost?

Yes I ship outside the U.S. However, I've had several people try to order from outside the U.S. and could not get PayPal to process the order. So, I try, but if it doesn't work, I guess we both lose. You can mail a money order for your merchandise. I realize this is not as quick as an online order, but if you really want the good stuff, you just have to wait a little longer! As business improves I will invest in a more efficient shopping cart. So order stuff from me and watch the site improve!
The cost of shipping varies, depending on how much you order and which country you want your merchandise sent to. I am currently working on ways to calculate international shipping fees automatically. Until then, contact me with inquiries.


- Can I get qrstuvr T.shirts and stuff in stores too?

Yep. Over the past few years I've provided the following stores with my merchandise. Contact them to see if they still have anything in stock.

Healing Earth Resources
3111 N. Ashland Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) EARTHLY or
(773) 327-8459
Counter Culture
132 Church St.
Burlington, VT
(802) 660-2700
1321 East Carson St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
(412) 381-3911
The Painted Lady
102 Huron Ave.

Port Huron, MI 48060
(810) 987-6433
The French Market
1200 N. Peters St.
New Orleans, LA 70116
Tater Red's Lucky Mojo's
153 Beale St.
Memphis, TN 38103
(901) 578-7234

You can bet your buttocks that I'm trying to get more exposure in more stores all over the globe. So keep on the lookout. If you know of a store that should carry my stuff, tell them about this website!


- What if I don't like the T.shirt I just ordered from your website? Can I return it?

Yes. If you aren't satisfied with the quality of our products, I will refund your money and reimburse you for shipping. See the guarantee for more details. I have never had a complaint about any of my products.


- Do you sell wholesale?

Yes. If you are a retailer interested in carrying my line of unique Art T.shirts, Stickers, and Prints, contact me . I give competetive wholesale discounts and shipping deals for wholesale buyers. These are very cool, high quality T.shirts, Beefy T's, professionally screen printed.. They sell well. Like they say on T.V....."The kids love 'em!"


- Are the paintings on your website really for sale?

Yes they are. They are original paintings by artist Christopher Gendron (that's me). If interested in purchasing one of these beautiful works of art, contact me.


- How do I get FREE stuff from you?

Enter the contest.


- I don't have a credit card. Is there some other way I can order from your site?

Yes. If you don't have a credit card or just don't like to order online, you can use the handy online order form. Print the order form first, then fill it out by hand. Do the math, shipping, etc......mail it to me with your check or money order. I'll contact you via email when we receive your order. All checks are held until cleared. Once the check clears, your merchandise is shipped immediately.

-Make checks/money orders payable to: QRSTUVR
-Mail payments/order forms to:

P.O. Box 582
Hadley, MA 01035


If your question has not been answered, contact me!







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