Yes, I want you to be satisfied!

-*30 Day Guarantee-If for some reason you are not satisfied with your merchandise purchased from QRSTUVR, I will refund your money. Unsatisfied customers who want to return or exchange should email me immediately and I will contact you via phone or email with instructions on returning/exchanging your merchandise.

-Items damaged during shipping-If an item is damaged during shipping please contact me immediately via email and we will resolve the problem. Generally the product is replaced at no charge to you.

-Restrictions On Returns-Although I do offer a *30 day satisfaction guarantee (see above) there are some restrictions:
-If you are returning a T.shirt, the tag must be attached to the shirt. I will not take back a shirt that has obviously been worn several times,
ex. dirty, ripped from wearing it in a fight, etc.

I will also exchange T.shirts if you have ordered the wrong size, however, YOU THE CUSTOMER PAYS THE SHIPPING.




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