Event Photos

Below are pics from the show at "SWEET THANG". The artists hung out and met with people who wanted to meet or ask questions about the work. Thanks to all who showed up! Click here for more details.

[above pic]-Christopher Gendron with two of his paintings, "Androgenous Worm God" (top) and "Progressive Dementia" (bottom)


Past exhibits:

-Echo Gallery (chicago, iL, usa)
-Group exhibit (with Enric Aromi, Alumni from the Chicago Acad. for the Arts, Rion Vernon, Marty Class, Keith of Ultra Art)
-December 7, 2002 thru January 11, 2003

-Stolizzo Gallery (chicago, iL, usa)
-Group exhibit - "Secretion" (with Shirley Hudson, Chas Krstich, Nora McCormiskey, Kevin Moeller, Rodugo)
-October 6, 2002 thru November 17, 2002

-Connie's Art Gallery (paragould, AR, usa)
-Group exhibit
-Summer 2002


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